Ant Control

ant controlYou may admire ants for their ability to lift 50 times their own weight with their mandibles because that’s like a human lifting a small plane up and over their head! However, ants can be a huge problem when they invade your Delray Beach home or your Boca Raton business. Although not all of the 200 species of ants found in Southeast Florida make themselves a pest to home and business owners, there are a few species that can be a real issue. Southeast Florida Pest Control are experts at identifying ant species, locating their entry points and implementing a comprehensive ant control program best suited to your needs.

Some of the problem ants found in Florida includes:

Carpenter Ants

A wood-destroying pest but unlike termites they do not eat the wood. Rather, once inside your home or business they will hollow out areas in the wood for nesting. Carpenter Ants only need a tiny crack to get inside the walls. Unfortunately, as they search for a new home, they leave behind them a chemical trail for their family and friends to follow!

Fire Ants

An invasive species native to South America, they are very aggressive and their bites are painful! Fire ants will build large mounded nests in yards, around trees and rotting logs, under pavement and inside electrical equipment, often causing short circuits. When their nest is disturbed they will all madly run to defend it. Bites and stings can be devastating to small children and pets.

White-footed Ants

While they do not bite or sting and are not known to be destructive to structures, their colonies can have up to 3 million ants! Once inside your home or business, white-footed ants are normally found in kitchens, bathrooms and the exterior of buildings. The sheer size of these colonies makes this ant species difficult to control.

Specialized Ant Control Treatments

Southeast Florida Pest Control uses a scientific approach to these pests. Our technicians are experienced in conducting a complete inspection with the necessary attention to detail. When the inspection is completed, the technician will discuss the findings and develop a custom plan that best attacks your ant problem. We offer complete and satisfactory service, eliminating the ants at the source (their nests) and making sure that they don’t move back in! Southeast Florida Pest Control offers:

For any questions or concerns about ants and the services that Southeast Florida Pest Control offers, simply call us to set up a custom consultation!