Carpenter Ant Control

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Outside of the termite, the Carpenter Ant is one of a homeowners worst nightmares. This ant acquires its name from its predilection for wood: it is their substrate of choice for making its home. Carpenter ants are attracted to warm, moist dead wood–making the homes of South Florida perfect targets–and will create vast tunnel networks to create their nests. Unlike the termite, the Carpenter Ant does not eat this wood and a pest control technician or savvy homeowner can identify an infestation by the presence of “frass:” carpenter ant sawdust.

If you suspect your home is under siege by these wood-destroying pests, don’t delay and call South East Florida Pest Control! We can help exterminate your current ant problem and help prevent future problems. Ask about our year-round pest control treatment programs that can ensure you never have to deal with the aftermath of a carpenter ant problem!

Identifying Carpenter Ants

carpenter ant boca raton fl

  • A large ant (1/4 to 1 inch in length)
  • Usually black in color
  • Presence often indicated by “frass” (sawdust) resulting from tunneling
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Reliable Carpenter Ant Control Service

If you suspect the signs of a carpenter ant infestation, or just want to be proactive about protecting you home, call Southeast Florida Pest Control today to schedule a carpenter ant inspection.