Fire Ant Control

The Fire Ant is one South Florida’s most dreaded insect pest. With an aggressive demeanor and a poison sting, these little terrors are more than just a nuisance. If you notice fire ants on your property–they build distinctive mounds–let Southeast Florida Pest Control exterminate them before they invade your home! But, if they are already inside, we offer same-day and emergency ant control service to help you take back your home.

fire ant extermination boca raton, fl

Identifying Fire Ants

  • 1.5-4mm in length
  • Reddish Brown in color, with a darker colored abdomen
  • Two “nodes” between thorax (2nd segment) and abdomen (3rd segment)

If you live in Boca Raton or Delray Beach FL and you believe that you may have a fire ant infestation, you can count on the professional team at Southeast Florida Pest Control to eradicate the threat. To learn more about fire ants go here.