White-footed Ant Control

white-footed ant extermination boca raton, fl

The white-footed ant has established itself as one of South Florida’s most pervasive pests. While lacking the poison bite of the fire ant or the home-destroying capacities of the carpenter ant, the white-footed ant is an unsettling nuisance. It just takes a few foraging ants–attracted by the scent of food in the kitchen, the crumbs on the floor and food in the pantry–to lead to a full infestation. Should your home be overrun with this little pests, call South East Florida Pest Control to exterminate those ants.

Integrated White-footed Ant Control Approach

At Southeast Florida Pest Control, we combine both traditional pest control techniques–sprays, traps, baits, etc–as well as more integrated approaches. We will identify points of entry–such as cracks, over-grown trees and shrubs touching the siding of your house, etc–in order to prevent future infestation. Learn more about white-footed ants.

Identifying White-footed Ants

  • Approximately 2.5-3mm
  • Darkly colored body (brown to black)
  • White fore-limbs & antennae tips

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