Cockroach FAQ in Ocean Ridge, FL; Why Do I Have Roaches in My Clean House & More

There are many cockroaches trolling homes and businesses in the world and Florida is no exception. Considering the grotesque appearance and the gross habits, cockroaches are notoriously known, but there are some basics people are not clear on. With that in mind, we at SE Florida Pest Control have compiled a short list of frequently asked questions concerning cockroaches.

Cockroach FAQ

Q: What do roaches come from?
A: Cockroaches don’t require a lot of space to squeeze their bodies through. In fact, young roaches can wiggle their way in through a crack measuring about 1/64 inches wide to crawl while adults can manage fissures measuring only 1/16 inches to slip through. Cockroaches can gain access through gaps, cracks, and holes as well as using the utility lines in plumbing pipes, vents, and sewers. In addition to walking into your home, cockroaches can even be brought in from grocery bags, boxes, and crates.
Q: Why do I have cockroaches in my clean house?
A: A common misconception, cockroaches do not only inhabit filthy homes, but can also infest immaculate homes. They are searching for food, water, and nesting grounds, but will happily stay if all these things are consistently convenient. Cockroaches are omnivorous; which means they will eat whatever crosses their path.
Q: Are cockroaches harmful? What are the health dangers?
A: Cockroaches can be a health concern in a number of ways. They can trigger allergies induce asthma, and can spread different diseases, viruses, and bacteria simply by traversing the areas you prepare food or contaminating the food itself. Such diseases and viruses include gastroenteritis, hepatitis virus, salmonella, dysentery, and even typhoid fever.
Q: How can I prevent cockroach infestations?
A: By applying the following tips you can minimize and prevent cockroach infestations
– Clean your home regularly; avoid leaving food remains on surfaces and in the sink. Ensure you avoid allowing clutter to buildup as well.
– Put the food away after you are done preparing meals and snacks. Tightly seal pantry items in secure containers.
– Always clean and sanitize all surface areas where food is prepared and served before preparation and after every meal or snack.
– Fix any leaky pipes and faucets, as they occur and avoid allowing water to pull up in bathrooms and sinks.
– Keep the lid secured on trash bins and every 3 months wash them out well.
– Invest in professional pest control maintenance plans.
Q: What else do I need to know about cockroaches?
A: Cockroaches are nocturnal and shy away from most light sources. For approximately one week, cockroaches can survive without water but can survive without eating for up to a month. If they manage to avoid predators, poisons, and other life’s trials, they generally live for about a year. Females are pregnant once in their lives, birthing up to 400 babies in their life time having only mated once.

Cockroach Extermination

If you are having issues with cockroaches, contact SE Florida Pest Control today and let our experts remove cockroach and other pest infestations and offer proper maintenance to avoid future breakouts.

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