Mosquito Control


Southeast Florida Pest Control has been providing unbeatable pest control services to Boca Raton, Delray Beach and surrounding area commercial businesses and residential homes for over 20 years. Being fully insured and licensed to apply our craft, we offer our valued customers 100% guaranteed satisfaction in our work. Our certified team of experts utilizes their advanced training and experience, along with exclusive professional grade equipment, tools, and products to deal with any pest control services you need, including mosquito control. If you have mosquitoes frequenting your home or business, Southeast Pest Control has you covered with our superior techniques and quality products; we keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Mosquito Bites Transmit Diseases

Most are familiar with the gentle hum that indicates a mosquito’s presence. All too soon the once populated outdoor event or activity is quickly dissolved. Mosquito bites often result in intense itchy welts that can drive anyone to the point of madness. Mosquitoes are not just a major irritating annoyance, but they also bring dangerous diseases with them. The diseases can range from mild to severe symptoms and consequences; and can even be fatal.

Mosquito Borne Diseases Include:

– West Nile virus disease
– Eastern equine encephalitis
– St. Louis encephalitis.
– Zika Virus
– Chikungunya fever
– Dengue fever
– Malaria
– Yellow fever
– Rift Valley fever

Mosquito Life Cycle & Their Need for Standing Water

Mosquito females are the little assailants that will perch on a host to consume their bloody meal as they require the protein for reproduction. Males feed on flower nectar and don’t particularly bother people, unless they happen to cross a female in close proximity. When a female lays her eggs, she requires stagnant water; and just a few inches will do. Once the eggs are laid they will incubate for 24-48 hours. After they have hatched, the larvae stay in their water nurseries. After a week or so, they will mature to pupae. They then quickly reach adulthood, dry off their wings and start the cycle over again. Should the water evaporate before they reach adulthood, most if not all, will not survive.

Mosquito Prevention Tips

To better safeguard your Boca Raton, Delray Beach and surrounding area residential home or commercial business from mosquitoes Southeast Pest Control has a few recommendations.
– Reduce standing water outside your home or business.
– Keep pools covered when not in use.
– Bird baths, pet water stations, and potted plants should have water receptacles rinsed out and replaced daily.

Mosquito Inspections, Control & Prevention in Boca Raton, Delrey Beach & Surrounding Areas of Florida

Floridians know all too well the need for mosquito control. That’s why you need the leading experts in the field helping you minimize mosquitoes wandering close to your property. Southeast Florida Pest Control technicians are eager to give our appreciated customers the same consistent high quality pest control services you have come to expect. Call us today to get started on your mosquito control services!