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How to Get Rid of Drywood, Dampwood, Conehead & Subterranean Termites in Pompano Beach, FL

There are many advantages to living in Florida. The warm, humid weather that we get to enjoy almost all year long is probably at the top of the list. Unfortunately, that weather comes with a huge problem; termites. Termites thrive in warm, humid weather and are busy foraging for food and multiplying 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Termites will destroy the wood in your home and can cause serious damage. Damage that can compromise the structural integrity of your home if an infestation is advanced. Termites cause more damage than floods, fires and hurricanes combined. It’s a staggering statistic but the fact that there’s an average of 3-5 termite colonies per acre of land in Florida, it’s no big surprise. Southeast Florida Pest Control outlines the common termite species found here in sunny Florida.

Subterranean Termites

Currently, the Asian subterranean termites and Eastern subterranean termites are most common in Florida. These termites are 1/8 of an inch in length and can be creamy white to dark brown in color. They live in underground colonies and create mud tubes to travel from their nest to their food source. These mud tubes also serve as protection from dry air and predators as they travel back and forth. Subterranean termites will usually swarm in the spring but can also swarm in the summer and fall too.

Drywood Termites

These termites are 3/8 to 1 inch in length and can be creamy white to light brown in color. They also have long, white wings and will swarm on days that are hot and bright, usually after a sudden increase in temperature. Drywood termites will usually infest dry wood that is found in the support beams in your home and studs in walls. They also tend to infest wooden furniture.

Dampwood Termites

These termites are generally larger than other species of termites. They measure between ½ and 5/8 of an inch and are creamy white or brown in color. They are known for their claw-like mandibles that protrude from their heads. Dampwood termites are attracted to moisture and can be found infesting dead trees, logs and other areas outside your home. They will enter you home more easily if your house makes contact with the ground.

Conehead Termites

These termites have a pointy, pear-shaped heads as their name suggests. They are very small and measure 3 to 4 millimeters in length. They have a creamy body with a dark brown head- Conehead termites travel above the ground just like ants and build large nests of up to 3 feet in diameter. They are also known to be more aggressive than other termites.

Termite Control & More

You may feel safe from termites if you haven’t seen them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. It’s estimated that termites cause over $5 billion in damage to homes each year, and because you live in Florida, it’s not covered by insurance. Do you suspect you have an active termite infestation in your home? You need experienced professional pest control in order to eliminate a termite infestation. That’s where Southeast Florida Pest Control comes in. Give us a call today!

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