How to Get Rid of Mice in Kitchens, Walls & Other Places in Your Margate, FL House or Apartment

Finding a mouse in your home is unsettling because one mouse means you likely have many more. Almost one third of Americans admit to having had issues with mice. This statistic makes it a good idea to prepare for the invasion that may be coming your way. Knowing a little about how they behave can be useful to keep them out of your home.

Facts About House Mice in Your Home

1. Cheese isn’t the best food to catch mice! This is a surprise. The cartoons we grew up on have misled us! Cheese is not their first choice for a snack. In fact, it isn’t even in the top three that include seeds, grains and fruit but they won’t pass it up. House mice eat 15 to 20 times a day. If they find themselves starving they will eat their own droppings, their young and even their very own tail!
2. Mice can fit through holes the size of a dime. House mice do not have a collar bone, making it easy for them to get through tight spaces as small as a dime. These tiny openings in floors, walls and foundations will allow them access to your home. Pipes that aren’t sealed correctly are another access point. These openings all need to be sealed with steel wool and caulk. Use door sweeps, store food in airtight containers and don’t let garbage sit around.
3. Mice teeth are constantly growing. The reason mice are unstoppable is because their teeth don’t stop growing. They can bite through just about anything, including rubber, plastic, insulating foam, vinyl, drywall, wood and even electrical wires. They always need to be chewing on something to keep their teeth from getting too long.
4. They mark their territory with urine and droppings. Mice aren’t secretive about where they do their business and droppings are the first sign you’re dealing with them. One house mouse can deposit 40 to 100 droppings every day! These droppings can harbor more than 35 diseases. More alarming is the liquid waste the males excrete to mark their territory. This can pose health risks like asthma and the protein in the urine can trigger allergies.
5. One mouse can have 150 babies a year. A female mouse can have 12 babies every three weeks and can start having them as young as two months old. This means a small rodent problem can get out of control in no time.
6. They make facial expressions. Mice have facial expressions much like ours. When mice are in pain their facial expression resembles what ours would be. When mice are in pain they will squint their eyes and their noses and cheeks will bulge the way ours do.
7. Snap mouse traps are the best way to deal with them. Those old-fashioned snap traps are more effective than any DIY method you’ll find on the internet. Baits will attract mice and kill them, but their death often happens inside your walls and then you’re dealing with rotting carcasses. Snap traps kill mice immediately and you can dispose of them right away.

Rodent Control & Removal

House mice populate quickly so it’s imperative to get a handle on an infestation immediately. Contact the professionals at Southeast Florida Pest Control to rid your home from any rodents and keep them away for good!

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