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Does One Mouse Mean an Infestation & Why Do I Have Mice in My Lighthouse Point, FL House?

Some people are under the false impression that rodents and other pests will not be a problem in the winter and colder months. The fact is that many pests are just looking for a space that they can get in that is warm and safe. Your house is a great place for many pests to enjoy. Your home can have small gaps that pests can gain access to. It is important to know what pests to be on the lookout for and what you can do if you find them in your house. Mice are a pest that you will find trying to get in your house all winter long and can bring with them a real mess. You want to make sure you know what type of mice have invaded and the tell-tale signs they are in the house. Southeast Florida Pest Control outlines what you need to know about mice being in your house.

Common Types of Mouse Found in Florida

One of the problems that homeowners have is that they are unsure what type of mice are a problem in their area. There are many types and species of mice but usually there are ones that are common to your area that you are living in. Florida has Field mice and Florida mice as well as a very common mouse that you need to be ready to combat and take on and that is the house mouse. The name should suggest to you what they are after. Mice are most importantly trying to find a spot to nest and live that is safe and warm. If they can gain access to your house they will and it can be difficult to get them to leave.

What Does a House Mouse Look Like?

If you are seeing a mouse in your house they are often the common house mouse. A house mouse is usually a grey color and has a belly that is lighter in color much like a cream color. They also will have a round body and their nose tends to be quite pointy. If you are not sure what type of mouse you are dealing with you can always call a professional to do a thorough inspection.

Where Do House Mice Hide & Nest?

When it comes to pests of any kind they are all looking to find a place to hide and stay away from you. If you think you are scared of them, they are even more scared to come across a giant human. When it comes to a house mouse they tend to hide in places that you might never see them. This can be behind the walls, in the attic, under an appliance or in the crawl space. You want to make sure that if you suspect mice have gotten in your house you call out a professional right away.

What Do House Mice Eat?

The interesting thing is that mice are not picky about what they will eat. All they want is a meal that they can carry back to the nest. This can be any foods that you have left out or it can be trash that you have not secured properly. Cover and protect all the food in your house.

Rodent Control

If you have just one or two mice that have come inside your house in search of food or shelter this winter, it may not equate to an infestation just yet; but it will if they are left unchecked. Southeast Florida Pest Control can come out to inspect for house mice and then present a custom plan to get rid of them. Call us today!

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