How to Prevent & Get Rid of Fire Ants in Your Lighthouse Point, FL House & Yard

As the seasons begin to cool, many pests become less of a problem since many will die off or hibernate during the winter. However certain pests can become increasingly invasive especially during the fall. Fire ants are one of those invasive pests that you want to prepare and begin controlling by fall. Southeast Florida Pest Control will share more about fire ants and how you can keep them out of your home this fall.

What Time of Year Are Fire Ants Most Active?

It has been said that fire ants are particularly intrusive and most active during the fall and spring seasons. Because fire ants are social, their colonies can be rather large. During the heat of summer and cooler temperatures of winter, fire ants will dig deep into the ground and hibernate in order to survive. Fall and spring is the season where fire ants wake from hibernation and quickly and aggressively begin foraging for food. Because fire ants have a short time to gather food before they return to the nest and hibernate, they can become a problem as they invade your home in search of food. With fall at our door step, you may have already begun to see fire ant activity.

Best Time of Year to Treat Fire Ant Infestations

Most people will assume it is better to control fire ants while they are hibernating. This is a major misconception. For one, they are asleep and most pest treatments can’t penetrate the ground that deep. It is better to treat fire ants while they are most active. This way a professional pest control company can use bait that the worker fire ants can bring back to their colony. Additionally, the fire ants are now closer to the surface. It is important that the ants are active and closer to the surface if you’re going to effectively eliminate fire ants. When it comes to controlling ants, your main target is the queen. You can kill any forager ant that enters your home but if the queen survives, she can and will reproduce and the forager ants will continue to enter your residence.

Fire Ant Exterminators

With the arrival of the fall season, now is the time to begin laying down ant bait. A professional pest control will make sure we locate the foraging trails and place the bait in the center of their path. Most studies have shown that the worker ants will take the bait within the first few hours the bait has been laid. Bait is one of the best methods to control fire ants since the queen often will consume the bait that can kill or slow down the reproductive system. It’s good to start with bait but after a day or two of placing bait the ant will lose interest that’s why professional pest control companies while use multiple ant management methods including creating a perimeter around your home and property to stop ants from entering. If you need help controlling fire ants this fall, you can contact Southeast Florida Pest Control. We can stop these invading ants. Contact Southeast Florida Pest Control today to begin your fire ant and other pest control treatments this fall.

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