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Spiraling Whitefly Control

Whitefly pest control boca raton fl

Shrub destroyed by Whiteflies

The Rugose Spiraling Whitefly, or Whitefly, was first noticed in the greater Boca Raton area in 2009.  This whitefly has a broad range of hosts, including all Palm trees and many of the trees and shrubs found on Florida lawns and gardens. Due to how quickly they breed and the size of their broods, a whitefly infestation can quickly ruin your yard. Don’t be a victim! Schedule preventive treatment now or call us for emergency treatment if you are already under siege.

Rugose Spiraling Whitefly Facts:

  • Whiteflies lay their eggs in a spiral shape on the underside of leaves.
  • Whiteflies possess a toxic saliva which they inject into the plant while feeding on sap.
  • Whiteflies secrete a sticky substance after feeding that clings to the plant and encourages unhealthy mold growth.
  • Whiteflies are known to carry plant-destroying diseases.

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Southeast Pest Control is the Boca Raton area’s Top Rated Local® Choice for whitefly control & extermination. We have been on the front-lines of the whitefly problem since they emerged around 2009. With our combination of experience and our “can’t-be-beat” prices, why look any where else for your whitefly solution? Call now!