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The Sentricon System: Why It’s Best For Termites in Delray Beach, FL

With termites chewing through more than $5 billion in damages each year, it can feel like you’re in a losing battle when you have a termite infestation.

But more homeowners can tip the odds in their favor by having a trained technician install the Sentricon System, one of the best treatments in the fight against termites in Delray Beach.

This system was scientifically designed to destroy underground termite colonies, including the queen. Backed by 60 scientific and 30 independent studies, as well as millions of satisfied customers, the Sentricon System has quickly become the gold standard in termite prevention and extermination.

We’ll discuss how the Sentricon System works, why it’s so effective in the battle against termites, as well as some additional benefits the system provides. Plus, if you’re worried you may have termite troubles, we’ll share the top signs to look for around your home and how to request a termite inspection.

Termite infestation delray beach

How the Sentricon System Works

First, technicians who want to utilize the Sentricon System must undergo intensive training to be certified to use it and its data management system.

The Sentricon System is a series of bait stations that the technician will place in the ground around your home. Based on the research of how worker termites explore for food, each bait station is set roughly 10 feet from each to fall into their various exploration patterns.

Once termites find a Sentricon bait station, they will take the bait back to the colony to feed the other termites. A Sentricon trained tech will check the bait stations and refill the bait when necessary, so it's always working to protect your home.

Why the Sentricon System is so Effective

Creating a system based on the biology of termites is why Sentricon is so effective. First, research shows that termites prefer the Sentricon bait to wood, so once they get a taste of the bait, they will most likely lose interest in munching around your home. They can’t stop carrying the Sentricon bait back to the colony!

Secondly, the bait prevents termites from molting. If termites can't molt, they end up dying. This eventually impacts the queen, the works, and the entire reproduction system, ultimately forcing the colony to crumble.

Added Benefits of the Sentricon System for Treating Termites

In addition to being one of the best treatment systems to fight against termites, the Sentricon System also has numerous other benefits.

No spraying

Other termite treatments require spraying chemicals around your home’s foundation. The Sentricon System means not risking coming into contact with any chemicals. This also eliminates the need for trucks with chemical tanks coming onto the property.


The Sentricon System is the only termite treatment to receive the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for environmentally responsible chemistry. Only a few grams of treated bait are kept inside each bait station, meaning it’s not harmful to your property, family, or pets.

No digging or structural drilling required

Technicians don’t have to dig unsightly holes or trenches in your yard to install the bait systems. Additionally, there is no need to drill around your home’s property.

No scheduling hassles

Since the Sentricon bait stations don't require any digging, trenching, or drilling, a trained technician can have your bait stations ready to go in about an hour. There is no need to be at home during installation, and the technician only needs a few moments to check the stations to refill bait if required.

Prevents future termite invasions

Not only is the Sentricon System effective in eliminating termite issues, but it can also be utilized as a prevention method to keep termites from returning.

Signs That Termites are in Your Delray Beach Home

Unfortunately, even the smallest openings around your home are a front door for termites to enter, even cracks as small as 1/16 of an inch! And once they enter, termites munch away day and night, chewing the foundation, furniture, support beams, and other vital elements of your home.

And what’s worst, you don’t know you’re under a termite attack until you start to see the physical signs around you. A few signs to look for that may indicate you have a termite problem include:

  • Cracks in walls and ceilings: When termites attack the structural elements of your home, this can cause floors and walls to shift, causing cracks along with ceilings and walls.

  • Outside tunnels: Termites will create tube-shaped tunnels, about the size of a pencil, that run right to your home. These tunnels are like high-speed highways allowing termites to travel non-stop.

  • Feces: Termite feces can look like wood shavings or sawdust. You will most likely find feces anywhere there is wood.

  • Warped floors: The damage termites cause means feet can become structurally unsound, so they may warp, squeak, or begin to sag.

  • Wood damage: Especially outside, if you’re noticing that wood looks to be carved up or crumbling, it could be a sign of termites.

  • Wing shedding: Termite swarmers go on the hunt to form new colonies, but once they are established, they will shed their wings.

Of course, you may suspect your Delray Beach home has termites because you believe you may have seen or heard them. Homeowners usually spot termite swarmers in the spring as this is an ideal time for them to expand the colony.

It's common to confuse termites with flying ants because they do have some similarities, so some common characteristics to remember:




A. Antennae

Termites have straight antennas.

Ants have elbowed antennas.

B. Waists

Termites have thick, less defined waistlines.

Ants have very narrow and pinched waists.

C. Wings

Termite wings are long and the same length.

Ant wings have a long pair in the front and a short pair in the back.

The differences between termites and ants in Delray Beach

You may also hear random tapping or clicking from the walls, possible sounds of termites signaling they are in danger.

Schedule a Termite Inspection Today

If you suspect that you may have a termite problem around your Delray Beach home, or want to implement a proactive solution against these mega pests, contact Southeast Florida Pest Control today.

We’ll schedule a time for our certified Sentricon Specialist to inspect your property to see if you have any signs of a termite infestation. If we suspect or have complete confirmation of a termite issue, we can install the Sentricon System immediately. And we’ll make sure to follow up and check that the stations have plenty of bait.

Call 561-488-1104 or complete our convenient online form for a free estimate!


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