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Tick Control Services in Delray Beach

Southeast Florida Pest Control is an expert at locating these places where ticks hide and getting rid of them for good.

Tick Extermination

With incisor like claws that can tunnel beneath your skin in mere seconds, it’s no wonder that just the name ‘tick’ causes anxiety! Moving into that dream home, with the beautiful forest almost in your back yard, also brings unwanted guests. Believe it or not, ticks can be almost anywhere that there are trees and foliage. It is a good idea to check your children and yourself after any hiking or trips to wooded areas. For families with pets, especially dogs that run and play outside in the back yard, it is important to check them frequently for ticks. Ticks are often hard to spot if the animal has long fur. And ticks lay eggs in the fur that drop off onto areas that your pets frequent; dog beds, sofas, even your bed! 

What ticks are most common in Florida?

  • Brown Dog Tick – usually just found on dogs, but a female can lay up to 3000 eggs after a good blood meal! They have been known to transmit diseases to dogs.

  • American Dog Tick – common on pets and humans. Females will lay between 4000 to 6000 eggs and then they die. For those that work outdoors or spend time outside, check frequently for these hitch-hikers.

  • Deer Ticks – the dreaded carriers of Lyme disease. Luckily, they are not common in Florida but there are many relatives of the deer tick that are.

Any species of tick is unwanted! Southeast Florida Pest Control’s technicians live and work here in Boca Raton and Delray Beach. We are experts at identifying and applying pest control treatments for ticks found here locally.

Giving you anxiety is not the only problem that ticks cause; they are also responsible for passing on some significant chronic diseases. It is important to find and remove them as soon as possible. If you keep your dogs confined to the yard and home but you are finding ticks on your dogs frequently, you most likely have a tick infestation. Southeast Florida Pest Control’s certified technicians are experienced at tick treatments and finding all of the places that tick’s hide. As tick larvae can live for over a year without feeding and are easily missed due to their small size, there could be thousands hiding out and just waiting for an unsuspecting meal to come along!

What Diseases do Ticks Transmit?

  • Lyme Disease

  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

  • Tularemia

Frequents checks for attached ticks are important, as the longer the ticks are feeding, the higher the risk of disease transmission. It is also not uncommon to get small infections at the feeding sites. Southeast Pest control recommends that after you remove the tick, you cleanse the area well with soap and water.

How to remove a tick?

Carefully!  Using tweezers gently grab the tick as close to the head as possible and gently pull out. It is important to not break the tick off or have it burst; should this happen consult your physician.

How to Prevent Tick Problems:

  • When outside, use insect repellent with DEET.

  • When taking hikes and walks, wear light-colored clothing (making it easier for you to see a tick)

  • Check all family members when you return home, including pets!

How to get rid of them if they are in my yard?

The weather that we enjoy in Boca Raton is a tick paradise! Infestations in your yard and home will need to be treated at the same time that the ticks are removed from their living hosts! Southeast Florida Pest Control will inspect both the exterior and interior of your home and business. We will then report the findings and coordinate a custom plan to treat your tick problem. With the ability to lay eggs by the thousands, it is easy to go from a few ticks to an infestation quickly. Keeping families and pets healthy, happy and tick free is our goal! Our technicians are experts at hunting down any and all of your pest concerns! If you are experiencing a tick infestation, call us today for an inspection!

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