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termite control in delray beach

Termite Treatment in Delray Beach

Termites can enter your home through cracks in concrete and openings as small as 1/16 inch. Each attack can leave you paying hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair the destruction they leave behind.

Termite Inspection & Control in Delray Beach

Termite Inspection

When termites are left unchecked, they can be extremely destructive to your property. If you suspect you may have termites, you can trust Southeast Florida Pest Control to conduct a thorough inspection of your property. Our technicians conduct thorough inspections and then provide an individualized report of the findings. This includes what pests are currently invading your property and how they are getting in.

Exterminating the pests is only part of our service; we also identify the hot spots for entry and what can be done to seal them up. Southeast Florida Pest Control offers expert and experienced technicians in the fight to control the most common pests that can cause health and safety concerns for families and pets. Although insects play an important role in our ecosystems, having them move into our homes can present real concerns.  

At Southeast Florida Pest Control, We Know Our Termites

Types Of Termites

You will rarely see termites. But you might see hundreds or thousands of them flying during a reproductive swarm. Here’s how to distinguish them from their non-destructive look-alike: swarming ants
A. Antennae: Ants’ are elbowed. Termites’ are straight
B. Waists: Ants’ are narrow and pinched. Termites’ are thicker and less defined
C. Wings: Ants’ front pair are longer than the back and don’t break off easily. Termites’ are equal in length and break off easily.

termite treatment  in delray beachvs. ant

Seeing flying termites, or swarmers, is just one indication that your home may be under attack by termites. But they aren’t the only sign. Just because you don’t see swarmers doesn’t mean there isn’t a hidden issue. Your Certified Sentricon Specialist™ can conduct an inspection to determine if there is a termite infestation threatening your largest investment — your home.

Though all termites are active year-round, the most activity noticed is in the spring as that is when the swarmers expand out to form new colonies. They are the only termites with wings, but once they have committed to a new home, their wings will be shed. If you have seen or suspect termites in or near your home or business, contact Southeast Florida Pest Control as soon as possible to spare your home or business further damage.

termite travel in delray beach

The Best Termite Treatment System in Delray Beach

Best Termite Treatment

Only the industry’s best are selected to install and service Sentricon. Our Sentricon Certified Specialists™ undergo extensive training and utilize state-of-the-art data management tools to ensure your home is properly inspected and protected.

Termites can enter your home through cracks in concrete and openings as small as 1/16 inch. Each attack can leave you paying hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair the destruction they leave behind. Termite damage is rarely covered by homeowners insurance because policies provide coverage for sudden and accidental property damage. Homeowners insurance is not intended to cover termite damage since it is considered preventable through proper home maintenance – meaning if you can prevent it, you should have. And with the Sentricon® System, you can!

termite treatment in delray beach

How the Sentricon® System Works

The Sentricon® System is like no other termite control. It uses termites’ very nature — their constant foraging in search of food — against them. Worker termites find the bait in the Sentricon stations while foraging, and share it with the queen and other colony members. Sentricon stops the process of molting which ultimately affects the queen and reproduction and kills the workers. The colony then crumbles and is eliminated.

  1. Inspect: our Certified Sentricon Specialist inspects for signs of termites

  2. Install: stations are placed around the property, and the bait immediately starts working

  3. Service: our Certified Sentricon Specialist makes sure the stations are always working


With the Sentricon System, you can say "goodbye" to termites and say "no" to harsh chemical treatments. 

  • NO digging or trenching

  • NO structural drilling

  • NO chemicals injected in the ground

  • NO trucks with chemical tanks

  • NO scheduling hassles

How Sentricon® Works
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