Sentricon™ Certified

Step 1: Termite Monitoring

The first step in the Sentricon system involves monitoring your home for termite activity. This gives us an idea of what we are facing. During the portion of treatment, several stations will be inserted into the ground 12-18 inches away from your foundation. They are inserted at this distance to keep them out of any areas that may have been recently treated with any liquid pesticides. Once these stations are in place they will be tested throughout the year for any signs of termite activity.

Step 2: Sentricon Termite Bait Stations

If there is any sign at all of termite activity in any of the monitoring stations, the untreated wood on the inner core of the monitoring station will have termites present. When this happens, that wooden core is replaced by a tube filled with termite bait. Any termites present in the monitoring station are placed inside the bait tube to help lure other termites from the colony over to the bait. Once this bait is delivered to the colony, they will be completely wiped out.

Step 3: Continued Termite Monitoring

Once the bait tubes are removed without any sign of termite activity, those tubes are then replaced by the untreated wood for further monitoring. If you have had termite activity, it makes you more susceptible to termite activity in the future. Other colonies could move in on your property, causing even more damage. The experts at Southeast Florida Pest Control will monitor these new stations every 3-4 months so we stay on top of any termite activity near your home.