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It’s Florida Mosquito Season; Why Are Mosquitoes So Bad this Year in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL?

It’s Florida Mosquito Season; Why Are Mosquitoes So Bad this Year in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL?

There are some pests that will give you a run for your money. They can become a huge infestation that you will be stuck dealing with. There are other pests that are a problem because of the damage that they can cause to your home and property. Termites are one of the pests that silently seem to take down exposed wood in your home for a long time before you may realize they are there. Cockroaches reproduce at an alarming rate that can turn a few into a hundred in no time at all. Although these are all pests that are annoying, damaging and often hard to get rid of there is one that has been linked to more deaths than any other. The mosquito is a problem for people all over the world. They are a tiny killer which seems odd since you can surely take one out with a rolled up paper. The problem is that their fast and small bite can lead to deadly diseases.

Southeast Florida Pets Control Lists Reasons Why Mosquitoes Are the Worst Bug to Have in Your Home & Yard

Mosquitoes Carry Disease: One of the worst things about mosquitoes is that they are known to carry several types of diseases. These diseases have a wide range of problems that exist when you are infected. All it can take is a single bite from a mosquito that is a carrier. It is important to know what disease you are at risk for if bitten by a mosquito. First they are known to carry the Zika Virus that has made huge waves in the last two years. This virus is carried by mosquitoes and can effect anyone but the most at risk for complications are soon to be mothers and the elderly. They also spread a disease that is more widely spread around the world than most others. It is called dengue fever and is an extremely painful process. There are not medications that will cure the disease so you are stuck waiting for it to run its course. There are many other diseases such as yellow fever and chikungunya that can be spread by mosquitoes as well.

Mosquitoes Are Attracted to You: Attraction is great when you want to find someone to date but not so much when there are mosquitoes around. They are attracted more to certain colors so if you happen to be wearing dark colors they may mistake you for a place to hide. Light colors around mosquitoes are your best options. The other thing that may attract mosquitoes is something that you likely have no control over. The scent that is on your skin from any bacteria can attract them as well. That means if two people are standing around one may end up bitten more than the rest.

Mosquitoes Spread Far & Wide: If you were overseas and bitten by an infected mosquito then travel home you could be the start of a wide spread epidemic. One infected person can get bitten by a local mosquito and is now a carrier of that disease. You can see how that can end up spreading far and wide so it is important to be diligent after being bitten and seek treatment right away.

Mosquito Control

Southeast Florida Pest Control offers professional mosquito control services where we come to your home and property and treat for unwanted mosquitoes. Call us today to start your service before they pose an even bigger threat to your loved ones.


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